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Business Credit

If you want to enhance your present company but need a loan to do it, then acquiring business credit is the best option. A bank or financial institution will be able to lend your company the amount that you need as long as you complete the requirements. Like a personal credit account, you should maintain a good business credit score. You should maintain a low interest payment so that you won’t have any difficulty in your future loan applications or transactions. Checking your business credit report will help you monitor the purchases that you have made through your company. Make the right moves and you will move much farther with your venture.

small business loan

How to Get a Small Business Loan with Bad Credit

Many small business owners need to obtain a loan in order to finance their business. However, if you have a low credit score, it may be difficult to obtain funding. While the process of obtaining a loan may be more challenging..

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3 Things to Consider Before You Co-Sign a Loan

Many of us have been there, a close friend, family member, sometimes even someone you only know a little bit, is in a rough patch and they need some help. Finances are tight, or they need a vehicle, maybe they can’t..

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How High Income People Can Still Fall Into The Bad Credit Trap

It does tend to be puzzling when we hear of people who are high income earners, and yet they still find themselves dealing with bad credit scores. After all, the presumption is that those who have the money automatically have good..

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How to Build Business Credit

While many new business owners rely on their consumer credit to start up a new company, but this could actually harm your new company in the long run. Starting a new business gives the business itself the opportunity to build its..

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Giving Employees a Business Credit Card: Pros and Cons

Having expenditures for your business is inevitable. In order for you to earn profit, you will first have to shell out for capital. It is also a well-known fact that the costs do not end there. There are still overhead expenses..

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Put a Stop to Business Credit Fraud

When some one’s credit information gets stolen, the victim isn’t just the person who lost control over his or her identity. Business owners are also being hit hard by identity thieves who use fake credit cards to shop. In a recent..

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What is a Business Credit Card?

Using credit cards is an integral part of being a consumer. In the past few years, credit cards have become so useful in making purchases. In fact, these pieces of plastic are now being used not just by individual consumers but..

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How Business Credit Checks Contribute To Business Success

Awareness is important in protecting our financial interests. In this time and day, credit is no exception: Protecting it by regularly checking for inaccuracies is a practice that we should proactively take. More so, people who manage their own business should..

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