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Credit Card Fraud

As a cardholder, you are given privileges when you use your credit card. While being a cardholder makes it very easy for you to make purchases without cash, the fact is that the more often you swipe your card, the higher your risk of becoming a victim of credit card fraud. This is a crime wherein an identity thief steals your information and uses it for financial gain. This kind of crime isn’t detected as soon as the thief starts to work. You have to wait as long as 24 hours for a warning alert via email. One way to minimize this risk is through credit card fraud protection, which is offered by several creditors. Taking advantage of this service could keep your credit report safe.

Will Facebook’s Frightening Dossiers Put You at Risk for Credit Fraud

Will Facebook’s Frightening Dossiers Put You at Risk for Credit Fraud?

Do you have a Facebook account? How about your family members? If you answered “Yes” to this question, there are some privacy concerns you may want to be aware of in order to better protect your personal information. As they say..

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Credit Card Skimming

Credit Card Skimming Seen as Epidemic in Some Areas

Epidemic is a frightening word, when we hear it on the news the context is generally medically related. Typhoid was considered an epidemic. The definition of an epidemic is something that excessively or disproportionately affects a large amount of the population..

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5 Ways You Can Become a Credit Card Fraud Victim While Dining Out

Credit card fraud is the simplest and most basic form of identity theft; it’s also very easy for criminals to accomplish if you’re not very careful with how you use your credit cards. You can fall prey to credit scams without..

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A Few Similar Things Between You and a Credit Card Swindler (Infographic)

There are various types of credit card fraud. The five main types (as shown in the infographic below) include no-card fraud, identity theft fraud, no-receipt fraud, counterfeit credit fraud, and lost or stolen card fraud. All of them are related to..

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Educate Your Teenager About The Dangers Of Credit Card Fraud

As parents, it is intrinsic to provide our child with protection and support as they grow into independent individuals. Molding them to be responsible people in our society is a role that we assume and carry out dutifully. In line with..

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5 Must-Do Exercises to Prevent Fraud While Shopping Online

These days, shopping has become more effortless, especially with the advent of e-commerce shops. Online shopping has become even simpler – with just a click of your mouse, you can select items to purchase and pay for them. This stress-free kind..

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Credit Card Fraud: How a 3.5-Inch Piece of Plastic Could Spell Your Doom

For some individuals, particularly the young ones, credit cards are God’s gift to humanity. With just a swipe of a credit card, anybody can shop for almost everything they want—food, apparels, gadgets, and virtually anything you can think of.Ask any random..

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